AdvancedDefrag allows you to analyze and defragment your hard-disk(s)
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AdvancedDefrag is a tool which allows you to analyze and defragment your hard-disk(s). It provides multiple features in order to keep your PC at optimal performance all the time.
The installation process of AdvancedDefrag can be performed with ease even by amateur PC users, because it consists of several steps, which do not require advanced PC knowledge.

AdvancedDefrag provides a friendly graphic user interface due to its intuitive buttons that quickly direct you to the available actions. Furthermore, the main window of the program informs you about what is a defragmentation process and why it is necessary.

One of the main advantages of AdvancedDefrag is that it provides real-time defragmentation. Activating this feature, AdvancedDefrag will automatically detect the fragments on the hard-disk then will defragment it in the background without slowing down your PC operations.

Also, AdvancedDefrag can perform analysis and standard defragmentation of your hard-disk. During the analysis process of your hard-disk, AdvancedDefrag automatically detects the fragmented files and the number of them. With the help of the analysis process, AdvancedDefrag will notify you if a defragmentation process of your hard-disk is necessary or not.

Scheduled defragmentations are also supported. AdvancedDefrag offers the opportunity to schedule defragmentations daily, weekly or monthly, at any desired start time.

This system tool is recommended for anyone who is searching to enhance their system performance and keep their storage space free of fragmented files.

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  • it provides real-time defragmentation


  • it doesn't let you pause the defragmentation process and resume it at a desired time
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